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Let's Get Down To Practice.

Hi, I'm Ted.  Through the "Yoga of Meditation," I'm helping people learn practices to become present to all that exists in their own lives.


It's nothing that new, actually - the means to become present have been available to humankind for a very long time.


The method is meditation - and by using a dynamic approach of practice that includes different disciplines and traditions, we're able to work with ourselves as we are in the present moment to find what best suits our needs in our own personal everyday life experience.  This is a process that is highly individualistic, yet is fun and rewarding to practice within a community of other individuals looking to live consciously.


Need help with becoming more kind and/or patient with yourself and others?  There are practices for that.


Need help opening up to change and new ideas?  How about having and knowing your own personal boundaries?  There are practices for all of that, too.


How about preparing to face the Big Unknowns in our life?  They're not exactly easy, but there are practices for this, too; and they are every bit worth the time spent practicing. 


Meditation is not about having to join a club, or spend hours sitting cross-legged in a monastery somewhere - it is about practicing being who we are within the world of Action and Relationship.  We can simply call that world "Everyday Life," and you'll intuitively know that those small moments that make up our day are the all-important moments that define our lives - and I strive to be present for those moments as much as I can be.


I do so by practicing my presence.  Practice is what helps me to take in both the beauty and the griefs of my own life, and the world around me.  Practice is what keeps me grounded in knowing my duties and responsibilities and seeing to it that they're getting done.  Practice is what integrates all of my personal characteristics, past memories, and future visions into one, single place - right here & now.


So let's get down to practice - with my formal background and experience, I'll gladly be here alongside you to show you the how-to's of meditation.  It is my intention to help you learn to practice from the seat of your own body, mind, and heart, so that you can experience all that life has to offer you with less hesitation and more willingness to be who you are in each moment.


I'll see you in practice,

-Teddy J Costa | Founder of PYP 


Keep the Mind Sharp and
The Heart Open with

Practicing Your Presence

Teddy J Costa

Meditation Instructor

Founder of Practicing Your Presence


  • Instructed Meditations based in Yoga, Zen Buddhism, and Other Traditional Disciplines

  • Breathing Practices & Techniques

  • Exercises in Presence & Mindfulness


  • Community Classes & Workshops

  • One-On-One Practice Consultation

  • Company/Educator Meditation Services

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I’ve been practicing with Teddy for about a year. He takes the time to learn each of his student’s needs and flexes to accommodate as needed. His classes are always engaging, and you learn something new each week. Personally, Teddy has helped me in ways that have significantly increased my output in practice and I’ll always be thankful. Plus, he has great taste in music!

Arbella, Ethics & Compliance Manager GSK

The first time I met Ted I could tell he had a warming, welcoming personality, and this made our initial interaction feel comfortable and natural.  His abilities as an instructor were as intriguing as his personality and demeanor, and students instantly gravitated towards his classes. In a short month he had built up a dedicated following that could not wait for his weekly visits. I became one of these students myself.  He was very informative, set great intentions for each class, and really provided each student the individual feedback they needed.

Benn, Owner of
Intuitive Roots

Ted was an amazing teacher —encouraging, positive, and knowledgeable.  He really challenged me to improve my practice (but in a cheerful, supportive way!)  I’d definitely recommend taking a class (or better yet, classes) with him!

Former Student

My kids have participated in Ted's sessions. They are ages 10, 12, and 17. They have their own takeaways from the program but one thing is common - they are a lot more calm and collected after each session. They have all used the breathing practices as coping strategies as well. Although Ted's sessions are relatively new, I think most kids who participate will have an advantage over their peers. Their world is so different from the one I grew up in. They are exposed to so much and so easily. Having sessions with Teddy gives them a tool they can use when times get tougher, when they just want to be able to savor the moment, or just needs a healthy distraction. Being more self aware is also a product of Teddy's sessions and I highly recommend it for children and adults who want to breathe a little easier.

Carmelyn & Family,
One-on-One Clients

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