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Recommended Educational Reading

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This section serves to acknowledge the "teachers" of mine who I have mostly not met, but whom I still accredit much of my learning.  These are books written by legendary authors and speakers in their field.

 East Coast Meditation receives commissions for purchases made through links to these books, and we thank you for your support in this way.

Meditational Reading​​

Philosophy, Nonfiction

Philosophy, Fiction​​

Historical Wartime Reading Related to Individual Worth

Formal Teaching Background

4 Year Meditation and Healing School, Graduated 2020

- The School for Nondual Healing & Awakening, NYC

- Kudos to my teachers Jeff Ellias-Frankel, Eileen Marder-Mirman, Shelah Stein, and Tom Schneider!  Love and Respect to my Class of 26 who I learned alongside!


200 Hour Yoga Certification, 2017

- CorePower Yoga, North Whales

- 4 Years Teaching in Corporate Offices and Private Studios

- Kudos to my teacher Matt Weston and my Yoga Satsang!


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Graduated 2013

- Widener University, Chester PA

- From 2017 to 2021 I worked in the field of Psychiatric Healthcare as someone who worked closely with clinical practitioners.  I have seen, also, the power of what modern approaches to mental and behavioral health can bring to individuals.  Learning from these practitioners was my favorite part of the job.

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