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Teddy is a calming presence and he creates a welcoming environment where all are encouraged to come as they are. He makes practicing meditation fun and approachable! His workshop was perfect for all, from those who never meditate to those that have a routine practice. He has a very calming voice that guides you into meditation, provides tools for ways to find calm within the chaos of our thoughts and leads open discussions on our experiences so we can learn from each others practice. I highly recommend joining one of Teddy’s offerings, you will not be disappointed!
- Workshop Student, March 2022

Practicing Your Presence

The Foundations of Meditation Workshop

    An introductory workshop to learn & develop the foundation of your own personal meditation practice.  Come as you are and explore different meditation exercises, techniques, and practices that help us to be present in our every-day lives. 

    This workshop includes:

  • Instructed meditation practices and breathing exercises

  • Practical lessons on core concepts of meditation

  • Group discussions and reflections

  • Questions & answers on developing your personal practice

  • Meeting others who are practicing, or beginning to practice

    Workshop topics to choose from:

  • Beginning Practice With Who We Are Today

  • Compassion For Ourselves In Doing Something new

  • Finding Where Our Joy Is Available For Us Today


The Interactive Practice Meditations Workshop

    A little bit of something for any new or seasoned practitioners.

Maybe you’re just getting into this thing called “meditation,” or you’ve been doing it for years but feel it’s time to take in new lessons, techniques, or ways of practicing.  This workshop is intended for people looking to cultivate, deepen, and/or take a fresh look at what it means to have your own meditation practice - which is all about practicing how we show up in our individual, every-day life experiences. 

    This workshop includes

  • Instructed meditation practices and breathing exercises 

  • Added time for individual practice in silence (after instructions)

  • Group discussions on how we show up to the present moment within our own lives

  • Optional shared reflections and notes on our meditation experiences

  • Questions & answers on developing your personal practice

  • Meeting other individuals who are practicing to be present in their own daily lives

    Workshop topics to choose from:

  • How To Practice Nonjudgment In Meditation And In Daily Living

  • Being Present Today With All Our Thoughts About Past & Future

  • Wholeness Is Right Here, Right Now.  Don’t Believe Me?  Good - Practice And Find Out For Yourself

  • Bravely Existing In A World Of Chaos and Fear (Being Ourselves Despite Everything Else)


Knowing Yourself - A Deeper Understanding Meditation Workshop

    This workshop is intended for those who wish to dive deeper into a further understanding of our own unique human experience, and how we relate ourselves to the world at large.  If you feel you’ve done a fair amount of self-work and healing, but are looking for more about how to deepen your practice, this workshop is for you. 

    In this workshop, we connect with each other in group meditation, learning, and discussion using 2 models of self-exploration - The 7 Chakras and The Kabbalistic Tree of Life - to learn and discuss deep existential qualities within our own human experiences that 1) make up who we are, and 2) give us a roadmap to deep self-transformation and healing.*

        *No belief in any religious or spiritual system required - this material is prepped for practicality in the every-day life of the individual.

    Workshop topics to choose from:

  • Boundaries and their relationship to our personal freedom

  • Tending our own garden as we care for others (being present to/claiming our sense of “self” as we serve others)

  • Connection and relationships (effective communication with ourselves and others)

  • Working with our Judgment and Compassion for ourselves and the world-at-large.

  • 7 Chakra Orientation & Alignment For The Individual Body/Mind/Heart

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