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One-on-One Instruction For Kids and Families

"The best time to start a meditation practice was 20 years ago; the next best time is now" 
Ocean Rocks
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Price | $60 / Individual Session

Flat Rate $120 / Family Session

Receive a free consultation call before commitment.

Sessions are held in person or virtually, depending on location and preference

Enroll yourself or a loved one into a 4-week program designed for individuals and families who wish to integrate a personal meditation practice into their lives. 

  • Currently offered to adults and children - Families can take part in class together or separately from one another.

  • As a Participant, you will:

    • Receive instruction from an experienced teacher who will help you to establish your own practice of presence

    • Become familiar with new meditations and concepts at your own developmental pace

    • Have direct feedback for questions and experiences before, during, and after sessions

    • Be given direct access to notes from the session, as well as accompanying audio and text files of the meditations

    • Have a direct hand in shaping your own meditation practice​​

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