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Practice Meditation -
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The Meditation Tapes

I am so thrilled to be able to share this type of meditative and healing work with you and many others.  After years of formal study and experience practicing by myself and with various communities, I feel it is my honor to be able to help people discover this type of work for themselves - the practice of Awareness and Mindfulness Meditations.

It is also the case that a lot of time, effort, continuing education, and money go into the work I publish, as well as keeping up with the website's various costs.  If you receive value from this meditation work and material, I hope you will consider supporting this page through whatever donation level is comfortable for you.

Your contributions allow me to continue working to meet more people, and to keep bringing "Awareness About Awareness" to individuals everywhere who have not yet had the exposure or the opportunity to learn this material for themselves.  Thank you so very much.  - Teddy J Costa
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"Resilient & Willful Mind" Meditation w/ Instructions
DIFFICULTY: MEDIUM.  Good to practice if you:
  • get tied up in the weeds of the mind, and do not know how to "carry on"

  • are ready to practice awareness meditation; willing to witness whatever comes up

  • need practice in allowing your mind to carry on through the thickness of thoughts

"Simply Being Here" Meditation w/ Instructions
DIFFICULTY: EASY-MEDIUM.  Good to practice if you:
  • are looking for a simplistic format to practice within

  • are newer to meditation in general, or have little experience currently

  • need practice in allowing your mind to be in one place

Reading Recommendations

This section serves to acknowledge the "teachers" of mine who I have mostly not met, but whom I still accredit much of my learning.  These are books written by legendary authors and speakers in their field.

 Practicing Your Presence receives commissions for purchases made through links to these books, and we thank you for your support in this way.

Meditational Reading​​

Philosophy, Nonfiction

Philosophy, Fiction​​

Historical Wartime Reading Related to Individual Worth

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