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There's Never Been A Better Time To Be Alive

There's never been a better time to be alive

Governments all across the world are lying to their citizenry about all sorts of matters that affect their day-to-day lives.

There's never been a better time to be alive.

Farmers who feed the world are being uprooted by greedy businessmen who have not touched the soil maybe since they were children themselves playing in the dirt.

There's never been a better time to be alive.

Ernest working class people can't earn enough to save for the improvement of their families' financial security and futures.

There's never been a better time to be alive.

Friends and families are still being torn apart after 2 and 1/2 years of disagreement over personal medical decisions, and the right to choose for themselves on what is best for their individual bodies.

There's never been a better time to be alive.

I say this because it is good to see the full gamut of the human condition and all that it has to offer all up on the table at once. It may be a bit overwhelming, sure, but "here it is!", for us all to see. Here it is, for us all to reflect how we, as individuals, impact the whole of Humanity. Here it is; tough circumstances and uncertainties are here to help shape us into the best kind of individuals we could ever hope to be in a single lifetime.

There's so much work to do. There's so much to take on as individuals and as a society. There's never been more opportunity to come together, to learn and to grow - and ultimately, to choose.

It was never this way in most of humankind's history - "choice" was never a choice. "Options," never an option. (All except for the very few within their castles and high towers). For the majority of humankind, the answer to the daily question of survival was as good a guess as any whether or not there would be a "next day," and the "next day after that." Survival, for the most part and for the majority, was a day-by-day task.

And here we are now, in the modern age, with all the ability to make decisions as we could ever hope for in a given lifetime.

With all of this choice and decision making at our fingertips, the questions are inherently posed; Will we surrender our petty wants for personal gain, homogeneous ideas, and personal-only-satisfaction to aim for something greater as a whole? Will every single human being be a part of our decision making process in the next action we take?

The choice is ours, and that's why I make the claim, here and now, with the world at its current extreme emotional and dysfunctional tension, on the brink of nuclear war and mass starvation, in the Modern Day Era of 2022;

There's never been a better time to be alive.

Will you make the right choices only for yourself? Or will you include the whole of Humanity within your decision making process.

The choice is ours. Mine is mine - and yours is yours. And if either one of us fail to consider the other, then I'm afraid we may squander away what it was and what it may have been to be living in the best time to be alive.

I pray for you and for me. Let's get out there and earn this "freedom of choice" that we've been gifted by the hard-earning labors and struggles of the entirety of humanity before us.

- Teddy J Costa, 7/16/22

Hope and Dream On.

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